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About Us

Steward Estate Sales is a professional family operated estate sale and liquidation management company serving Central Valley families and businesses.  Our friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated staff ensures the best possible estate sale for you and your family along with the other services we offer.


With our experienced team, you may rest assured that you are in safe hands with people who are familiar with this business and that will ensure that your sale is successful and profitable.


Not only do we assist in evaluating your needs, we can help you through obstacles of separating unwanted items from wanted items. Steward Estate Sales has helped many people who are too emotionally attached and do not have the time to start separating possessions and turn them into money.


In summary we offer a total package from the initial set up of the sale to the final removal of all remaining items in return leaving you with a clean, empty space.  We take great pride in handling each estate and situation with care as if it were our own family.


We are here for you, let us help you.

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