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FREE · All initial consultations are free. Start the process by calling or emailing us today to learn more!


SET UP · We supply all equipment/personnel necessary to conduct sale set up such as tables, clothes racks, book cases, jewelry case, etc. We bring it all on specified set up day.


SALES · Your home will be secured and managed by our responsible staff. One way entrance and exit. We are here to help you with the highest level of honesty, diligence and sensitivity during this difficult time for your and your family. It is our goal to uphold the highest standards in your liquidation with kindness and compassion.


PRICE · Your valuables are priced according to current fair market value. Research ensuring the best possible prices for your possessions. An Appraiser can be available by your request to guarantee the best fair market price for your treasures. We do not purchase from our sales given we do most of the appraising ourselves. 


SETTING · We turn your home or business into a department store. Beautifully displaying items, while also ensuring traffic safely eases throughtout the setting. Private areas will be cautioned off.


EMPTY · We empty all closets, cabinets, dressers, storage areas, etc to organize into categories while as mentioned displaying your valuables on draped tables.


DISPLAY · Brightly colored signed in your area direct traffic to your sale while making sure all signs are removed after the sale. All local ordinances are abide by.


ADVERTISE · We advertise and promote your sale on our website, designated estate sale websites, local newspapers and social media sites. Also, sending an email blast to our mailing list.


SUPPLY · Bags and wrapping will be supplied to ensure customer satisfaction and easy carry out of goods. Any assistance helping customers is our goal.

Estate Sales

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