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As a young girl, my grandmother, Jean Aaland-Megerdigian, would take me to the Serendipity Antique Shows with her and her best friend, Ruth Weggley. They’d have their tables set up full of beautiful antiques and collectibles, and I’d sit waiting patiently for their first sale in order to collect the money. Often if people would ask for a price, they’d whisper in my ear and with excitement I’d relay the price to the customers.


While growing up I was always surround by antiques given my grandparents and parents were big collectors (parents still are) that I developed an interest as well. My interest continued to grow as I learned the fascinating history of different pieces and, of course, the value.


Once my grandparents passed in 2005, my family was overwhelmed with the estate’s assets along with the emotional aspect, that I took it upon myself to liquidate it. Using a couple local forms of advertising tools and some street signs, I started selling the belongings ensuring they went to a new home where they would be enjoyed as much as they previously were with my grandparents that in the end turned out to be a very successful sale.


After my grandparents’ estate sale, my interest for ‘things’ grew that I contacted a local antique mall as well as friends and family contacting me to sell their valuables. My family soon after started a booth inside the Clovis Antique Mall, along with doing many street fairs, that I eventually turned my passion into a business.


- Melissa Steward


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